We have support workers who fit your needs and share your interests.

Support worker roles and responsibilities are varied – although they all involve fundamentally working to improve the standard of care and quality of life for a client. On a day-to-day basis the job typically includes assisting clients with their care needs, for example, bathing and clothing, administering basic care and ensuring that standards of hygiene are adhered to. The role also involves monitoring the health of clients, which can include checking temperature, pulse and weight on a regular basis.

Besides the day-to-day basics, support workers are also expected to assist in improving the quality of a client’s life, and this means helping them with tasks both inside and outside of the home. There are a wide range of simple tasks that can be challenging to the vulnerable, including bed-making, cooking, cleaning and even administrative duties such as paying bills – and support workers are on hand to assist with all of these tasks, and more.

All of our support staff are safe, fully trained and secure

All of our support workers are thoroughly checked and verified to keep our community safe and secure. They are required to provide a number of documentation and undergo checks during their application process and will not be approved until all checks have been verified by our recruitment team. 

All support workers will need to provide: 

 – A National Police Check issued within the last 12 months
 – A valid CPR/First Aid certificate
 – State-based working with children/vulnerable people checks
 – Photo ID
 – Two reference checks

Our Community Support Team is equipped with health and safety expertise and a swift and discreet incident response procedure. All workers are covered by our comprehensive insurance policy and we have an active user removal policy.

Enquire about engaging a Support Worker

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Email: admin@idpwd.org
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