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School & Education Kits

School & Education Kits


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Celebrating International Day of People with Disabilities, and educating students about the importance of inclusion and diversity, are vital to ensure the next generation of global citizens are part of a world which celebrates everybody, despite their differences. 

Our School & Education Kits are designed to be used by schools, day care centres and other learning environments to celebrate, and raise awareness of International Day of People with Disabilities and its key messages. 

School and Education Kits include:

  • 10 IDPWD T-Shirts;
  • 1 IDPWD vinyl banner (200 cm wide x 75 cm high);
  • 40 IDPWD silicone embossed wrist bands with braille message;
  • 10 orange and 10 green IDPWD branded air-fill balloons
  • 1 IDPWD printed cotton tote bag
  • Brochure – “A Teacher’s Message” – Helpful guide on tips to educate school children about mainstream integration for people with disability.

PLEASE NOTE: All orders will begin dispatch November 1 2018. 

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