Tailored Kits

International Day for People with Disabilities is for everyone. If the kits provided to not properly suit your needs, we can work with you to specially tailor a kit, merchandise or collateral.


Co-branding assists business and organisations to promote their own brand and profile as a supporter of the IDPWD cause by placing their logo alongside the IDPWD logo on merchandise, promotional material or collateral. Anything IDPWD prepares may be co-branded including wearables (shirts and wrist bands), publications (promotional materials and resources/ education guides), and online graphics. In most cases no additional cost exists for IDPWD to design and manufacture co-branded merchandise or collateral.


One size doesn't always fit all.  If you require any customizations to existing merchandise, collateral or promotional material, contact us.

Something new?

We are always interested in hearing your ideas for new ways of promoting International Day of People with Disabilities. We will support you to create new merchandise, hold a unique event or try something out of the box. 

Event support:

International Day of People with Disabilities aims to globally promote the messages of diversity, inclusion and empowerment. The more conversations that occur and the more people who are engaged, the better.  If you are interested in holding an IDPWD event and require (for example) an event or key note speaker, particularly a person with lived experience of disability, contact us.