Support Coordination

NDIS Support Coordination

International Day of People with Disabilities, as a leading advocacy organisation under partnership with the UN, is aware of the need to strengthen coordination pathways under the NDIS and has therefore created its Support Coordination service.

IDPWD's Support Coordination service uses an internationally recognised best practice approach to collaborative decision-making which is specifically designed to empower NDIS participants, their families and carers throughout the NDIS journey. 

IDPWD’s Support Coordination service employs Support Coordination practitioners with lived experience of disability, who understand the complexities of the NDIS, and appreciate that integrating mainstream opportunities affords all participants to live their lives as full and inclusive citizens, while ensuring that NDIS funding is used to provide more specialised and tailored services to meet the individualised needs of participants.  We also:

Provide pre-planning support: 
This is a free service designed to assist you to:

  • Collate the documents and information required to determine NDIS eligibility;
  • Develop a plan of your support requirements to take with you to the NDIS planning meeting;
  • Answer any questions you have to understand the nature of the NDIS, and how things might change for you.

Provide advice: We provide support and advocate for people who require advice or recommendations regarding NDIS challenges, advocacy pathways, preparing for your first plan, or getting ready for a new plan.

NDIS reviews: If you are unhappy with the level or type of funding received in your NDIS Plan, our practitioners can meet with you to understand what needs to change, then support you to undertake the NDIS Review Process to obtain the level of funding required to meet your needs and preferences.

Active Coordination: IDPWD adopts a targeted approach to aligning NDIS participants with the array of therapeutic and practical supports under their plan. IDPWD acts as your impartial advocate - we work through the various options for you and support you to reach a decision regarding which service providers will best meet your needs.

Focus on mainstream integration: IDPWD's strength is its ability to support people of all abilities to access opportunities to which they are entitled.  IDPWD has pathways which enable access to:

  • Mainstream employment and volunteering using our relationships with Australia's largest inclusive volunteering provider Volunteering Services Australia.
  • Provide opportunities for natural supports.  IDPWD's research has focused on people who live with disabilities, who often simply wish to access support to do 'everyday things' - whether going to the pub or the movies, joining a social or recreation group, attending a football game, or simply gaining new friends.
  • Access volunteer support. IDPWD recognises that sometimes a participant might prefer to form organic friendships with people who are not paid to provide their support - particularly if they want to access the natural opportunities mentioned above. Therefore, IDPWD uses its relationships with universities to align participants with appropriately qualified allied health undergraduates - this allows for mainstream integration to be more robust, more flexible and more enjoyable.
  • Social Enterprise creation - supporting people to develop their own micro-businesses - see our Social Enterprises page for more information.
  • Advice and advocacy support to access and strengthen primary health channels.
  • Become mentors themselves for other people who live with a disability, or connect with other people who han our Mainstream Integration efforts, see here: IDPWD Mainstream Opportunities.
Provide ongoing Outcomes Reports: Our Support Coordinators ensure that all outcomes derived from the support you receive are measured against the goals and aspirations outlined in your NDIS Plan. We ensure that all service providers we support you to connect with report to us on a monthly basis, so we can continuously ensure that goals are being met. We provide Outcomes Reports to you every three months (or sooner, if you prefer). We then collate these reports over a 12 month period, and use them to support you to get ready for your next NDIS Plan.


Our Support Coordination service uses the Support Coordination or Support Connection allocations within a Participant's NDIS Plan.  We claim this funding either directly from the NDIA (if you are agency-managed), from your Plan Managed (if you are plan-managed), or directly from you (if you are self-managed).  We only claim this after we have met with you to talk through your Service Agreement, and after we have delivered the service.

The income we derive is returned back to participants and other people living with disabilities through our efforts in strengthening the sector, community engagement and education initiatives, celebration days, and through our Social Enterprises.


To enquire about our Support Coordination service or to arrange a meeting, please email us here or phone 0438 486 637.