IDPWD Social Enterprise Grants

Swimmer with disability

Social Enterprises are trading businesses which exist to tackle social problems, enhance communities, and provide people with opportunities for business ownership, employment and financial independence and citizenship.

The Social Enterprises we support are those which:

  • Are created, owned and operated by people living with disabilities;
  • Employ people of all abilities, yet which have a minimum of 50% of their workforce being people living with disabilities;
  • Enable people living with disabilities to utilize their unique strengths, and to build a business around these strengths;
  • Enable people living with disabilities to actively contribute to their communities;
  • Enable people living with disabilities to learn how to manage their own business (with ongoing support where required), and
  • Enable people living with disabilities to enhance their own financial independence and corporate citizenship.

Every year, IDPWD supports the creation of social enterprises.  Funds raised through the sale of Kits enables:

  • At least five Social Enterprises to be created every year;
  • People living with disabilities, their friends, families and supporters to submit Social Enterprise concepts which are assessed and selected by our panel of experts;
  • A Business Mentor to be engaged with the Social Enterprise for the first year, and to offer support to undertake Business Name registration, establish business structures, prepare Business and Marketing Plans, build a website, generate a client base and employ staff;
  • Provide start-up funds for the business to get off the ground during the first year.

We support social enterprises to be created in the country from which funds are raised.  This means that we are able to directly align the celebration of IDPWD events with the creation of social outcomes and impact, and ensure that celebration of International Day of People with Disability remains a truly global effort.

See IDPWD Social Enterprise Grants - How to Apply to submit a concept or view the Grant Guidelines.  Alternatively, Contact us for more information.