Personal Kits

Personal Kits are for small groups of people to celebrate International Day for People with Disabilities on December 3. Celebratory events can be of any kind like a lunch between friends or family, or a picnic in the park.

Personal events are crucial to the success of International Day of People with Disabilities.  It is not just up to business organisations and charities to celebrate and promote diversity and inclusion - real change occurs when individuals collectively take action to promote a cause.

By purchasing a Personal Kit, not only are you bringing attention to International Day of People with Disability as well as celebrating in style, but funds are used by IDPWD to support the creation of Social Enterprises.  All merchandise and collateral is prepared by people with disabilities.

Personal Kits include:

  • 20 x branded balloons;
  • 20 x branded wrist bands;
  • Personal invitations;
  • Information and resources;
  • Ongoing updates as to the successes of the Social Enterprises you have helped to create.

To purchase your Personal Kit, click here.

You may like to complement with your Peronal Kit by adding your Personal Online Kit, which enables you to show your support through your social media platforms.  See our Personal Online Kits page for more information.