Personal Online Kits

People are increasingly using social media to promote causes, spread awareness and to create change. Global issues such as poverty, gender inequality, domestic and family violence, and marriage inequality have all been impacted by individuals coming together to reflect their desire for change.

Now is the time to celebrate and bring awareness to International Day of People with Disabilities.  

Using IDPWD's Personal Online Kits, your social media platforms can be used to show your support.  Graphics are design to integrate with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and more.  Your Personal Online Kit includes:

  • Profile filters;
  • Statements of support and hashtag profiles;
  • Multiple Twibbons;
  • IDPWD logos.

All graphics have been developed by and with people with disabilities, and funds raised are used to fund the establishment of Social Enterprises - see our Social Enterprises page for more details.

To purchase your Personal Online Kit - click here.