Mainstream Opportunities

Disability Employment

It’s time for change!  Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Social Enterprises are helping Australians living with a disability to secure jobs and mainstream opportunities that align with their personal interests and career ambitions.

International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPWD) has partnered with Volunteering Services Australia (VSA) - the country’s largest not-for-profit volunteer recruitment and support agency which supports over 2,500 people to engage in mainstream inclusion initiatives each year.

Together, IDPWD and VSA are championing the involvement of all people living with a disability to create their own opportunities through the creation of Social Enterprises.  To read more about what Social Enterprises are, see here.

Under the NDIS, International Day of People with Disabilities is focused on supporting people to access mainstream opportunities which meet their goals and aspirations, and to support people to build their capacity while undertaking activities which align with their skills and interests.  We believe that people living with a disability have every right to engage in the same opportunities as all others, and so we focus solely on enabling participation within mainstream settings across the community. 



We have supported people to:
  • Join and participate in mainstream sporting clubs and recreational groups.
  • Obtain volunteering opportunities and paid employment with organisations of their choice and which match their interests and career ambitions.
  • Participate in everyday activities – whether it’s meeting new friends, attending music concerts, going to the pub or attending TAFE or University. Anything that people do as part of a fulfilling life. 
To achieve these things, we:
  • Meet with you to understand your goals, strengths, interests, capacity building objectives and your volunteering and career ambitions.
  • Understand from you what modifications might be required within your new workplace or learning environment to best suit your needs and preferences, and to ensure that you are able to maximise your participation.
  • Approach the types of organisations and learning institutions you would like to work with and participate within, to facilitate all opportunities.
  • Work with the organisations to ensure that any environmental or social modification are put into place before you start. For example:
    • Transport to and from your place of work or learning
    • Accessible entryways, pathways, bathrooms, and so on
    • Adaptive technology to support you to fully participate
    • Structure your work or learning schedule around your needs and preferences
  • Support you to select your preferred volunteer mentor to work with you until you are comfortable within your new work or learning environment.  We encourage you to pick a mentor who might:
    • Have the same interests and hobbies as you
    • Be of a similar age and gender
    • Be culturally and socially compatible with you
  • Provide a paid support worker while you work if your health or support needs are more complex
  • Contact you, your employer/ teacher and your mentor weekly to continuously improve your experience, and make ongoing modifications based on any changing needs or preferences.


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