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Disabled athlete jumping

International Day for People with Disabilities is an opportunity of all people and organizations to show that they recognize the importance of the empowerment, participation, citizenship and social value of all people, including those living with disabilities.  This recognition can come in many forms – below are some ways that you can show your support on December 3.

Event Day Merchandise

  • Sponsor an IDPWD day at your workplace: we will provide Corporate Event Kits which includes branded IDPWD T-shirts, balloons, wrist bands and a large vinyl banner as well as corporate marketing/ promotional materials and corporate invitations; 
  • Hold an IDPWD event at your school or early learning centre: we will provide School & Education KitsOpen in a new tab to your school, which includes balloons, wrist bands and a large vinyl banner as well as promotional material and invitations;
  • To purchase event packs please go to our store

Online Merchandise

  • Hold an IDPWD event with your friends and family: please look at our digital store for fun event products, social media ideas, posters, invitations and more. 

Do you have another idea? See our Tailored Kits - we are always looking for new and innovative ways to promote the day!

    Funds raised through the sale of kits and collateral are used to create Social Enterprises within the country of origin.  Every year, we provide funding, business start-up support and ongoing mentoring to enable people living with disabilities to develop their own financial citizenship. See our Social Enterprises page for more details.

    All IDPWD kits, collateral and merchandise are designed, made and packaged by people with disabilities.