Corporate Online Kits

It's becoming increasingly common for businesses and organisations to use their corporate profile to promote their brand, their products and services, and the causes they support.

Businesses and organisations can now show their support for International Day of People with Disabilities, using IDPWD's Corporate Online Kit.  

Purchase of the Corporate Online Kit will enable businesses and organisations to:

  • Choose from multiple IDPWD branded/ co-branded website banners and badges;
  • Use IDPWD 'count-down' images;
  • Choose from multiple corporate social media display images, banners and graphics;
  • Download from an array of printable or electronic brochures and posters;
  • Have access to a variety of twibbons, or customise your own;
  • Integrate IDPWD branding within website and email footers;
  • Develop your own co-branded website, electronic and social media graphic displays.

To order or discuss your organisation's Corporate Online Kit, contact us.  If you have particular merchandise requirements or would like to customise/ co-brand IDPWD collateral, or if you have new promotional ideas, see our Tailored Kits, or contact us.