Corporate Event Kits

Corporate Kits are designed to support workplaces, organisations and agencies to celebrate International Day for People with Disabilities. 

Businesses, organizations and their leaders have the opportunity to role model to their staff and customers what it means to celebrate diversity and inclusion within workplaces. 

To support larger workplace events and initiatives on 3rd December 2018, Corporate Kits include:

  • 10 IDPWD T-Shirts: these are able to be customized to the workplace, including co-branding. Contact us for more information;
  • 1 IDPWD vinyl banner (200 cm wide x 75 cm high)
  • 40 IDPWD silicone embossed wrist bands with braille message
  • 10 orange and 10 green IDPWD branded air-fill balloons

See our Tailored Kits for ways of customizing resources to the unique needs of your organization.