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Free Advocacy Service

Despite the NDIS intending to give people with disability more flexibility and control, advocacy is now just as important as ever. This is because power still resides largely with those groups implementing change – the government, the bureaucracy, and non-government service providers. Vigorous advocacy is needed so that the views and aspirations of those upon whom these changes will have the most effect are heard and taken action on. Otherwise, decisions will continue to be made on their behalf.

Therefore we believe advocacy will always be needed and will be lifelong, because of the following reasons:

 – The impact of disability 

 – Values of society

 – Social impact of disability 

 – Impact of the human service system

Our staff can provide over-the-phone advice on:

 – Preparing for an annual plan review

 – How to advocate for your family member if you are not happy and wish to review their NDIS Plan 

 – How to understand the documentation that has been received from the NDIA

 – Whether proceeding to Appeal is the right option

 – Troubleshooting 

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