"The Future is Accessible"

THE FUTURE IS ACCESSIBLE means that we must all, together, look towards a future where the barriers which stand in people’s way no longer exist.  We envisage a future where people can access a building without using stairs; where a person can access a ramp to the beach; or can get a job without fear of discrimination; or can access a mainstream classroom. 

Working towards an accessible future is everyone’s responsibility.  With us, create a future which demands that people are not excluded because of their health impairments.  Call out barriers wherever you see them, and work with us to overcome them.


OUR NDIS Services

Accessing your NDIS funding and transitioning to the Scheme is only half of the journey – the other half is about activating your plan and implementing the supports that meet your needs and preferences.

What we are doing around the world...

We strive to provide front-line services and support for people with disability all over the world. International Day of People With Disabilities is more than just an annual day, but a movement used to break down barriers to inclusion and advocate for the rights of people with disability.

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Our Events

World Tuberculosis Day 2020
20 Mar
World Tuberculosis Day 2020
  • 12:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Central Park, New York
World Mental Health Day World Record Attempt
10 Oct
World Mental Health Day World Record Attempt
  • 4:00pm for 5:30pm record attempt
  • Bunnings Fairfield Waters, 2 Darcy Dr, Idalia QLD 4811.
International Day of People with Disabilities 2020
03 Dec

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